norm hann using a stand up paddle board

Norm Hann

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His passion for the outdoors led him West. His incredible love and respect for what he found here made him stay. A high school teacher from Sudbury, Ontario, Norm Hann worked his way to Canada’s West Coast in pursuit of becoming a wilderness guide through a program in Vancouver, BC. After completing the certification, his path led him to The Great Bear Rainforest on the north coast of British Columbia - where he found his path and purpose.

Working alongside the Gitga’at people of the Great Bear Rainforest for years as an adventure guide, Norm was eventually adopted into the Raven Clan, an honour he does not take lightly. Since discovering paddleboarding in 2008, he’s expanded the way people interact with and explore Canada’s rugged shoreline, simultaneously expanding access to the sport. Certified as a Paddle Canada instructor and trainer, he now leads touring expeditions, camps and retreats all over the world.

norm hann standing beside a sup at the shore

Beyond SUP being where his path in adventure has taken him, it’s also been the amplifier for his advocacy for the conservation and preservation of the Great Bear Rainforest and coastal First Nations communities through StandUp4GreatBear and Stand - two documentaries putting the sacred community and ecosystem into the spotlight.

Fast Facts: 

  • Founder - StandUp4GreatBear Society
  • Founder - Take A Stand For Conservation
  • Featured in Stand; a surf and SUP film about an endangered coast
  • Certified Paddle Canada Instructor, Instructor Trainer
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