Safe Passage - Gear up to go big

Safe Passage - Gear up to go big

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Spring weather can be intimidating and unpredictable for ocean paddles. Wind, rain, and swells should all be expected. Even the most experienced kayakers need to ensure they are prepared.  

Exploring channels and taking in the beauty of the adventure is only possible when feeling securest on the water. When the weather demands protection, our Taku and Callan dry systems, paddle-specific PFDs, and drybags will get paddlers safely to their destination.  

When the journey involves pushing off against crashing waves and driving winds and crossing straights while navigating chop and currents, we deliver the confidence of safe passage.  


Annie Nagel wearing Taku dry top and Khimera

Taku Dry Top 

This essential paddling dry top integrates into our men's and women's Taku Dry Bibs to create a versatile head-to-toe waterproof system. Designed to protect against ocean spray and unpredictable weather, the 3-layer MarineSpec SP fabric, latex seals, and neoprene hem all work to keep paddlers dry. The extended skirt makes it kayak compatible, and the wide-ranging sizes ensure a fit for everyone. 

 Men's Taku dry top and bib walking on beach

 Taku Dry Bib 

The men's and women's Taku Dry Bibs are excellent for variable or unpredictable weather trips. Constructed with 3-layer MarineSpec SP fabric with 500D Cordura-reinforced seat, knees, and socks, they offer durability that can be trusted. Cut to ensure maximum mobility that won't impede paddling, these bibs are an essential part of the Taku dry system. 



Women's Callan Top

Callan Waterproof Top 

The perfect lightweight and packable waterproof top to have on-hand when the clouds roll in. The Callan Waterproof Top uses 3-layer MarineSpec MP fabric with 4-way stretch and neoprene at the neck and wrists to ensure comfort isn't sacrificed for function. 


Slipsteam vest used in paddling a sea kayak
Slipstream Foam Vest 

Our low-profile life vest has large cargo pockets, multi-use attachment loops, and a lash tab to keep essential gear in reach when mid-paddle. The Z-Strap cinch system prevents it from riding up while on the move, and the 3D mesh liner keeps things cool when the sun's out. The Slipstream Foam Vest delivers the confidence needed to enjoy the journey. 



Women's Rebel Foam Vest 

The Adjust-a-bust system in this women's-specific design offers support while the Z-strap cinches for a comfortable, worry-free fit. The short frame design, contoured foam panels, and racerback allow maximum mobility while paddling, and padded neoprene shoulders ensure all-day comfort. The high-performance Women's Rebel Foam Vest was created for serious paddlers.  


 Bailer throw bag product image

Bailer Throw Bag 

This throw bag with a convenient built-in-bailer is a must-have in any vessel. Ready to toss to anyone overboard, the 1/4" wide and 50' long rope has a tensile strength of 1,200 lbs. The aerodynamic design is intended to be thrown efficiently like a football and includes reflective features to improve safety and rescue in low-light situations.   



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