Hunter Bland

Hunter Bland

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Hunter first fell in love with the water and the feel of the catch at the young age of two. A couple decades and a healthy dose of life experiences under his belt, today he’s a professional on the angling circuit; living out that childhood memory every time he takes to the water.

Seeking  the smoothest line forward, he strives to live in as much flow as the swimming bass he follows: finding the balance between instinct and equipment, family and work, laughter and seriousness.

hunter bland and 2 kids fishing


While Hunter’s had a passion for fishing most of his life, his cellular respect for water safety emerged during his time fishing for the University of Florida. In short: Hunter was in a freak accident where he was ejected from his boat and saved by his Mustang. Since then, he actively advocates for boating safety, especially in the tournament bass fishing scene.

Beyond his advocacy, Hunter’s a down home family man; spending downtime from his tournament and training schedules exploring his home of Williston, Florida with his wife Mariah and their dog Goose. 

Fast Facts: 

  • United States National Water Safety Action Plan - Appointed to inaugural PFD Working Group
  • Sea Tow Foundation's National Boating Industry Safety Award - Best Marine Marketing and Outreach
  • Bassmaster Opens Pro 
  • National Safe Boating Council Ambassador 
  • University of Florida Alumni 
  • Former University of Florida Collegiate Bass Angler and Team President 
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