Making PFDs A No Brainer

Making PFDs A No Brainer

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PFDs are up against the same things helmets were:

The necessary nature of wearing one for safety...and the challenging social stigma of whether they’re ‘cool’ or not.

Fact is, they save lives. And they don’t work unless you wear one.

Solving for the safety + desirability equation took some time - but a longstanding Mustang favourite is doing the trick:

Meet the MIT 100.

Inspired by those who head to the water to have fun, and designed with the insight and experience of the world’s finest engineers who create solutions for the most extreme environments and most technical users, the MIT 100 leaves no excuse to not wear a PFD.

Sure - the video’s from 2013. But when a team of incredible engineers and designers create a vest that’s this good, it lasts.

Still a mariner’s favourite, the MIT 100’s available in  both manual and automatic formats so you get the kind of back up you need for the adventures you want to embark on.

Where to wear it:

  • Boating and sailing with friends
  • Kayak fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Stand up paddleboarding

The manual version is great for…

  • Days you’re choosing to go into the water, or may make several unintended entries in in-shore environments
  • Times your risk of being knocked unconscious while out on the water is low

 And the automatic version suits...

  • Days you’re not intending to go into the water, but want the back-up to be able to surface and self-right in case you do
  • Adventurers interested in having hands-free inflation support while on the water

 How to use it:

  • Unclip the buckle at the front of the vest
  • Loosen the waist strap to required length
  • Put vest on like a jacket, with arms through the sides and the buckle at the front of the body
  • Clip the buckle closed, and adjust the strap as needed to ensure a secure, snug fit
  • Upon inflation (manually or automatically) the vest will provide 28lbs of buoyancy
  • If the vest does not fully inflate, blow into the tube on the left side of the inflation cell
  • Re-arm with Re-Arm Kit D (Model # MA2014) (learn how to rearm and repack here)

Adventure in style, and safety. Add the MIT 100 to your adventure gear box - and make this the PFD people fight over.


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