Model: MAC100 SKU: 062533623439

Breathable Constant Wear Aviation Coverall

Model: MAC100 SKU: 062533623439

Breathable Constant Wear Aviation Coverall


The MAC100 is a breathable flight coverall that provides anti-exposure protection without sacrificing comfort during prolonged missions.

Engineered for maximum mobility during marine aircraft operations, this three layer integrated suit provides protection against fire, radiant heat, cold weather, cold-water immersion and drowning.The breathable foam liner features a moisture permeable membrane that allows excess moisture to escape while providing a thermal barrier against the dangers of outside elements. Durable, flame-resistant Nomex aramid, anti-static fabric provides external protection for the inherently buoyant, flame resistant, thermally protective, integral wetsuit. Even after being significantly marred by fire or puncture, the suit maintains its flotation and hypothermia protection. 

Rugged leather abrasion panels are integrated into the knees and seat offering protection from petroleum, fuel oils and soiling. Multiple pockets provide storage for notepads, pens and survival equipment. An insulated thermal protective hood and inflatable mitts are stored in the ankle pockets. 


  • Zippered ankle gussets assist in donning and doffing
  • Multiple pockets for storage of notepads, pens and survival equipment
  • Included fire resistant neoprene hood and inflatable mitts stored in ankle pockets
  • Patented Tug-Tite® closures at the wrist and ankles enhance the in-water hypothermia protective performance by minimizing cold water flushing
  • Compatible with any lifejacket
  • The inherent buoyancy is well below the 35 lbs. maximum recommended for ditched helicopter egress, yet about the 15.5 lbs. minimum buoyancy required for PFD
  • An inner layer of Nomex aramid fabric provides further flame resistant protection and comfort
  • Immersed Clo 0.47 

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