The Expeditioners

The Expeditioners

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Most people may balk at the idea of a family of four (and soon to be five)—with both kids under the age of 6—heading out for multi-day camping trips across land and sea.

The Expeditioners? It’s their daily life, their lifestyle, and their business. And yes, the kids love it.


An adventure seeking, globetrotting, water-loving family that explores some of the most beautiful backcountry places on the planet, the family—Roberto, Bella, Mikio (4) and Catalina (2)—travel by canoe, kayak, SUP, ski, camper, or foot - inspiring families to head into the outdoors with kids.

Professional commercial photographers/videographers for a vast array of brands, Roberto and Bella transition their natural affinity for and experience with exploring in nature into campaigns for some of the adventure community’s most notable brands; capturing the essence of destinations and the gear used to most enjoy those places. 


Rooted in Whistler, BC, Canada, the family spends most of their time living out of their trusty Airstream, capturing what a life fuelled by nature looks like, and how it’s done with little adventurers. Stay up to date with their local-to-BC travels and adventures on Instagram - and see how and where they’re getting out to live beyond land.

Fast Facts: 

  • They’re a perfectly trilingual family (speaking French, Spanish and English)
  • Made up of Mikio (4), Catalina (2) , Roberto & Bella … with another little member arriving in July
  • Had a series on Discovery Channel with Jeep, and on TV for Tourism Canada’s 150th Anniversary
  • One of the first influencers to harness Facebook Social Media to create content for, and promote brands
  • Frequent travel destinations: Turks and Caicos, Alberta Rockies, Iceland, Northwest Territories, Mexico

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