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Jimmy Martinello

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Shooting action outside your comfort zone lacks some adventure and, well, some action. Which is why unleashing Jimmy Martinello on a mountain, body of water (or anywhere adventure sports take place...which is everywhere) produces complete adventure images - because he’s all in.

He owns whatever terrain, and whatever sport he’s pursuing. And as a self-taught photographer, brings a clarity to the tension point between the challenge and complete euphoria that reaching mind-blowing mountain tops and paddling into the corners of the world offers.

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Jimmy Prefers the Highwater 60L Gear Hauler Dry Bag for all his Excursions

How does he get outside?

Expedition paddling, chasing steep vertical and first tracks on Coastal mountain ranges, seeking unexplored routes to climb, and taking on the ultimate adventure: camping with his kids.

jimmy martinello free climbing a boulder

Full of heart, his work has been on display and published worldwide. A dedicated friend and family man who’s got an unparalleled passion, sense of adventure and an untameable well of enthusiasm, he’s the guy that’s always sharing the good vibes; whether crossing paths with someone in the street, or in the middle of nowhere, chasing endorphins, and incredible shots.

Fast Facts:

  • Participant, athlete, photographer and co-producer in National Geographic Film - Man Who Can Fly and R.A.W (Rock, Air, Water) 4 part adventure series in the Yukon and NWT of Canada with Epic T.V.
  • D. SUP Exploration of the 370km Mountain River NWT Canada.
  • Climbing Community Project in the French Polynesia on the Island of Makatea
  • Community and Environmental awareness and fundraisers and motivational presentation (VIMFF, Multiplicity, Schools, etc.)

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