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DISCONTINUED - Training Rescue Stick

Train to save lives
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This product has been discontinued and is only available through authorized retailers until supplies last.

The Training Rescue Stick was designed to allow rescue professionals to practice throwing to a target as though it were a victim in the water. Designed to have the same feel and weight as the Rescue Stick™ (MRD100 or MRD101). The Training Rescue Stick is available on its own or, for a limited time, in a Training Kit that will get your department ready for action.

The purpose of this drill is to develop accuracy at multiple ranges in anticipation of using the Rescue Stick™. Just follow these steps for a simple and effective individual or group drill:

1. Find an area that is 150 feet long such as a gym or a playing field.

2. Mark a throw-line on the ground at one end. All practice throws should be thrown from behind the line.

3. Set markers every 25 feet in a line out from the throw-line, up to 150 feet away from the throw-line.

4. Set a circular target on the ground at the first 25 foot line. The target can be a circle made of string or tape with a diameter of 5-12 feet.

5. Each participant throws to the target. The target represents the area near the victim that the thrower would be aiming for in a rescue scenario. Remember, the goal is to throw the Training Rescue Stick near the person in distress, not at the person.

6. After the Training Rescue Stick has been successfully thrown into the target, move the target further back to the next 25 foot marker. If time permits, allow each participant 2 - 3 throws at each distance.

7. The drill can be run as a competition with participants being eliminated as they fail to reach the target at increasing distances. The winning participant will be the person who hits the target at the furthest distance.

Another option is to divide the group into two teams and award points for the number of targets hit by each team.

Model Number: MRD050

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