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Constant Wear Aviation Dry Suit System (2 Layer)

Designed for over-water helicopter operations
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The MSF300 is a two-layer Aircrew Dry Suit that combines the performance of the 3 layer MAC300 into two layers allowing greater mobility with reduced bulk and lower thermal burden.

The outer shell uses a blended GORE-TEX/NOMEX® fabric that is waterproof, breathable, flame-retardant and anti-static. High-wear areas are strategically reinforced to enhance the suit's durability and prevent abrasion damage that could compromise the suit's integrity. The breathable thermal liner provides both insulation and emergency flotation and features Mustang's aerated closed-cell foam quilted with a wicking fabric that pulls excess moisture away from the body. An adjustable neck seal using Mustang's patented Closed Comfort System (CCS™) can be worn loose to provide comfort out of the water and can quickly be drawn tight to keep the water out and trim to fit neoprene wrist seals provide watertight integrity. The thermal liner can be easily removed from the outer shell to reduce thermal protection where not operationally required. An ergonomically designed rear entry allows for self donning and doffing. Integral pockets are designed for a variety of uses and facilitate access even when wearing a survival vest over the suit.

The MSF300 comes ready to wear with included universally sized dry socks, trim to fit wrist seals and CCS™ adjustable neck seal.

Model Number: MSF300

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  • A Berry Compliant version – MSF300vGB – is available with an MSRP of $4,022.18 ($4,424.40 size XXXL)
  • Suit comes ready to wear with included universally sized dry socks, trim to fit wrist seals and CCS adjustable neck seal
  • 3 layers of performance combined into 2 layers offers greater mobility, reduced bulk and thermal burden
  • When integrated with the outer shell, the MSF300 suit system provides a stirred (calm) water Clo value of 0.58
Sizing Chart
Size Chest Waist Inseam Chest Waist Inseam Weight Weight
XS 30" - 34" 28" 27" 76cm - 86cm 71cm 70cm 99lbs - 154lbs 45kg - 70kg
S 34" - 38" 28" - 30" 27.5" 86cm - 96cm 71cm - 76cm 70cm 99lbs - 154lbs 45kg - 70kg
M 38" - 42" 32" - 34" 31" 96cm - 107cm 81cm - 86cm 79cm 132lbs - 198lbs 60kg - 90kg
L 42" - 46" 36" - 38" 32" 107cm - 117cm 91cm - 97cm 81cm 176lbs - 242lbs 80kg - 110kg
XL 46" - 50" 40" - 42" 33" 117cm - 127cm 102cm - 107cm 84cm 198lbs - 276lbs 90kg - 125kg
XXL 50" - 54" 44" - 46" 34" 127cm - 137cm 112cm - 117cm 86cm 242lbs - 309lbs 110kg - 140kg
XXXL 54" - 58" 48" - 50" 35" 137cm - 147cm 122cm - 127cm 89cm 275lbs - 352lbs 125kg - 160kg