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Breathable Aviation Rescue Swimmer Drysuit

Durable, breathable drysuit for rescue swimmers
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The MSD565 is a breathable dry suit co-developed with the US Navy for aviation rescue swimmer missions. Offering the highest level of operational compatibility and performance, the suit is built to perform in the most extreme environments and is compatible with aircrew duties in most aircraft.

Featuring GORE-TEX waterproof, breathable fabric, the MSD565 allows a full range of motion for ease of swimming and performance of duties involving climbing, lifting, rescue, and salvage operations. The suit also features an exhaust valve in the forearm that can be used to reduce buoyancy by quickly purging excess, trapped air. This ability to discharge of excess air from the suit provides improved mobility in the water. The suit also features padded reinforcement in areas that receive high wear and pressure during rescue missions.

The MSD565 incorporates internal suspenders to provide a closer fit over a range of sizes. Attached stretch fabric GORE-TEX® socks can accommodate the swim fins used by rescue swimmers. A neoprene panel is attached on the inside of the suit to cushion the wearer from the rescue harness buckle.

Model Number: MSD565

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  • Made with a breathable laminate and SOLAS reflective tape
  • A heavy-duty waterproof main zipper runs diagonally across the chest for ease of entry and to facilitate self-donning
  • Sewn and double sealed seams ensure watertight integrity
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Cushioned abrasion patches on seat, knees, arms, and shoulders
  • Waterproof relief zipper
  • Sleeve-mounted exhaust valve purges trapped air
  • Attached socks integrate with footwear or swim fins

Same as MSD560 but made with breathable laminate, the inclusion of SOLAS reflective tape, and is available in multiple sizes.

Size Color NSN Mil Spec
Small Black 4220-01-499-3351 -
Medium Black 4220-01-499-3353 -
Large Black 4220-01-499-3354 -
XLarge Black 4220-01-499-3357 -
Sizing Chart
Size Chest Height
S 36" - 38" 62" - 65"
M 40" - 42" 66" - 69"
L 44" - 46" 70" - 73"
XL 48" - 50" 74" - 76"