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DISCONTINUED - Evaporative Cooling Vest

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The ECV100 is an evaporative cooling vest designed to provide passive cooling to persons working in hot climates. The body's natural cooling mechanism is sweating. Worn next to the skin, the ECV100 "sweats" so you don't have to. Designed to make an uncomfortably hot environment more tolerable, the ECV100 is a lightweight, supple, form-fitting vest that provides cooling to the body's core.

Constructed of a vapor-permeable, waterproof, breathable fabric, the ECV100's patented fabric is heatbonded to form a network of channels that hold water. As water inside the vest evaporates, latent heat is removed from the wearer's body core. The vest is filled when connected to a standard hydration system or via the included auxiliary hand pump from an external source (eg. creek, lake, water bottle).

Model Number: ECV100

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  • Reduces skin temperatures which can improve personnel performance
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Assists in limiting the hydration requirements of the user
  • ECV100 does not feel wet or soggy
  • Approximately 25oz when full; 14oz when empty
  • Thin profile (less than 2 mm) result in a cooling garment that is barely noticeable when worn under clothing
  • The use of vapor permeable fabric allows the thermal burden of an empty ECV100 to be extremely low
  • The ECV100 can be hand-laundered in cold water with a mild detergent and hung to dry
Sizing Chart
Size Chest
S 36" - 38"
M 38" - 42"
L 42" - 46"
XL 46" - 50"
XXL 50" - 54"
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