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Quick Donning Immersion Coverall

Quick don protection for aircrew
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The MSD720 02 Quick Donning Immersion Coverall is an insulated, heat protective and buoyant drysuit built for aircrew and passengers operating over water.

Constructed of 2mm thick neoprene with an abrasion resistant nylon outer cover, the MSD720 02 will provide emergency flotation and hypothermia protection and can be quickly and easily donned in the event of cold water immersion. A horizontal, waterproof entry zipper allows easy self-donning while the adjustable straps at the waist and ankles gather in excess suit material and provide a closer fit.

Engineered for use in long range maritime patrol and transport aircraft including helicopters, the MSD720 02 packs into a small nylon case for convenient on-board storage.

Model Number: MSD720 02

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  • Neoprene insulation is buoyant, waterproof, hydrostatic compression petroleum, oils, and lubricants
  • Horizontal, across-the-chest waterproof entry zipper for easy self-donning
  • Adjustable waist and ankles straps ensure a closer fit
  • High stretch, soft latex neck and wrist seals
  • Insulated, 3 finger gloves stored in easy access sleeve pockets
  • Insulated thermal hood stored in the thigh pocket
  • Integrated boots can accommodate regular footwear
  • Compact carry case for easy storage in helicopter
  • 14lbs effective buoyancy offers emergency flotation while remaining within the maximum 35lbs limit according to helicopter passenger suit standards
Size Color NSN Mil Spec
Universal Red 8475-21-905-7960 D-22-522-000/SF-001
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