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Full Coverage Lower Anti-G Garment

Essential safety gear for pilots and aircrews
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Sage Green
Sage Green

The complexity of 'G' Protection dictates that multi-disciplinary partnerships are formed to address all the essential considerations including full and proper integration with all other aspects of the aircraft and cockpit environment. Our Anti-G suits have an outstanding reputation for performance, quality, durability and reliability. We focus on the development of new technologies and solutions to provide the enhanced performance that pilots of today and tomorrow will require. We are proud to be recognized partners with the most influential industry leaders including the Air Force, research establishments and pertinent industrial colleagues. In cooperation these influential agencies and producers, we are contributing to every major North American initiative in the field, including being a part of the team selected by the US Air Force to design and manufacture their Integrated Aircrew Ensemble (IAE) program. The winning Canadian Air Force team at William Tell International jet fighter proficiency competition were also all wearing Mustang Anti-G garments.

One of our major assets is the bridge we built between product development and production. Our deep involvement in both worlds ensures we develop manufacturable and cost effective solutions where the value engineering step is integrated in the entire process. Our unique testing capabilities are specifically targeted for top quality assurance and every Mustang Anti-G garment is certified with specification compliance by a serial number. 100% testing is applied to these life critical products.

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Air Jets
Model Number: MSF880

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Size Color NSN Mil Spec
0 Sage Green 8475-01-455-0782 -
1 Sage Green 8475-01-422-4329 -
2 Sage Green 8475-01-422-8403 -
4 Sage Green 8475-01-442-8404 -
5 Sage Green 8475-01-443-0712 -
6 Sage Green 8475-01-443-0713 -
7 Sage Green 8475-01-455-0783 -
8 Sage Green 8475-01-443-1565 -
9 Sage Green 8475-01-443-0714 -
10 Sage Green 8475-01-455-0786 -
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