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The Learning Zone provides links to useful videos and information on Mustang products.

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Mustang Survival 2014 Public Safety Catalog
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Under the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab on all product pages, you will find product support resources, including:

  • Manuals
  • Re-Arm Instructions
  • Maintenance Information
  • Datasheets
  • Warranty Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Catalogs
  • Videos

Use the product drop down menu on the left to jump directly to the product in question. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our Customer Service team at

Sizing guides can be found under the Specifications Tab on all product pages. For information on how to take accurate measurements, please watch the video below:

Mustang Survival Fit Guide


How to Choose a PFD

There are five different types of PFDs, with each providing a safety solution in different situations and environments. Click on the blog post link below for more details on each type. 

Five Types of PFDs

If you’re interested in purchasing an inflatable PFD, this online video guide provides guidance on which inflatable PFD type is best suited for your needs.

Choosing an inflatable PFD video


Inflatable PFD Re-Arm Instructional Videos

If your inflatable PFD's Carbon Dioxide (CO2) cartridge has been used during inflation, your PFD will need to be re-armed, meaning a new CO2 cartridge will need to be installed into the inflator mechanism. The videos listed below provide instructions on re-arming your PFD, based on the PFD type you have. You will need to purchase a re-arm kit from your local dealer to complete the installation.

Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (H.I.T.) Inflatable PFD re-arm video

Automatic Inflatable PFD re-arm video (all automatic M.I.T. and Deluxe inflatable PFDs)

Manual Inflatable PFD re-arm video (all manual M.I.T. and Deluxe Inflatable PFDs)

Re-arm videos can also be found in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab on all inflatable PFD product pages.


Inflatable PFD Inspection and Maintenance

The blog post link below outlines basic tips to help you regularly inspect your PFD, and verify that it fits, floats, and remains in top notch condition.

How to Inspect and Maintain your PFD


Rapid Repair Technology™ Instructional Videos

Mustang Survival's Rapid Repair Technology™ is an innovative repair method enabling users to self-repair minor leaks and self-replace neck and wrist seals to have their dry suits ready for use in less than an hour. 

Rapid Repair Wrist Seal Replacement video

Rapid Repair Neck Seal Replacement video

Rapid Repair Patch Repair video

For full Rapid Repair Technology information, please visit the product page here.


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